Biotechnology is a field of applied biology that involves in the use of living organisms and bioprocess in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields requiring bio-products. Course involves in-depth study of micro and macro organisms and hybridoma along with biotech pharmaceutical drugs , pharmacogenomics, and pharmaceutical biotechnology products (antibiotics , proteins and recombinant DNA products).

Pharmaceutical biotechnology course beneficial

          There is a good career opportunities in field of biotechnology students could be placed as scientist in the areas of human health, pharmacy, animal health. Animal husbandry, dairy, chemical and biochemical, food processing, crime and parentage disputes, agriculture, forestry and fisheries. They can be employed in the areas of planning, production and management of bio processing industry. There is a large scale employment in research laboratories run by government as well as corporate sector. Students acquired degree in India may find work in a government based entity such as universities, research institutes or at private centre as research scientist.