Pharmacology department at Nandha Institutions was established during the year 2007. Pharmacology is a lively scientific discipline in its own right, with an importance beyond that of providing a basis for the use of drugs.

The department provides a vibrant and self-motivated environment for conducting high quality research and teaching in the field of pharmacology and toxicology. There is a strong and growing research environment in the department covering a wide range of research areas including psychopharmacology, neuropharmaology, gastrointestinal pharmacology, toxicology etc. The department aspires to conduct independent and reciprocated research in pharmacology and enforcement of the disciplines of pharmacology as an integral part in the medical field.

The undergraduate and postgraduate students were trained in all the aspects of pharmacology to fit them in interface disciplines (Systemic Pharmacology, Toxicology, Biopharmaceutics, Medicinal chemistry, etc,.) and biomedical disciplines (Pathology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Psychology etc,.) which are the basics for research & development, academic, industrial and healthcare settings. The important aspect of our teaching is combined  with research which helps the next generation scientists.