The Lab is well equipped with equipments, glasswares and chemicals to carry out the necessary experimentation work as prescribed in the syllabus of B.Pharm, Pharm. D and M. Pharm.

        The instrument room consist of Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer 8400s (Shimadzu),High Performance Liquid Chromatography (Shimadzu), Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer  SI 164 (Shimadzu), Fluorescence Spectrophotometer CI 153 (Elico), Flame photometry (Systronics), Conductivity Bridge 304 (Systronics), Digital Potentiometer  318 (Systronics), pH meter L I613 (Elico), Photo Fluorometer  151 (Systronics), Spectro colorimeter 103 (Systronics), Electronic Single Pan Balance (Schimadzu), Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer  SI 164 (Shimadzu), Colorimeter CI 157 (ELICO), Ultra sonicator (PCI) and Electronic Single Pan Balance. These instruments are effectively used by undergraduate and postgraduate research students for analysis of drugs and their formulations.

         Departmental Library includes the standard reference books, thesis and research publications of the completed projects of our students from our Lab. 

         This Lab actively participating in the consultancy work on various instrumental analysis of various samples carried out by our Department of Pharmaceutical analysis. Due to this, various college in and around erode such as Kongu arts and Science, SSM College of Pharmacy, Maharaja arts and science college, Erode College of Pharmacy, etc got benefited. The evaluation of analytical technique, interpretation of molecules was carried out for the benefits of the students.